Bedroom Truths: Why the attic room isn't the penthouse suite you assumed it was


After viewing what feels like 50 student houses and squabbling over which will best suit your needs, you and your friends finally agree on a second-year home that all of you deem acceptable. The last thing you want to be dealing with after the whole debacle is divvying up the bedrooms there and then. You agree between you that July is ages away and that choosing who will go where can wait until the moving-in day, while privately deciding that the massive attic room will most definitely be yours. However, be warned - the bedroom on the top floor isn't necessarily the penthouse suite that it seems to be. Here are the pros and cons to landing the sought-after attic room in your second-year home.

Supplies are scarce

You never really thought about the distance from the top floor to the kitchen before, except for the fact that you’d probably develop an enviable set of calves over the year. But when you wake up in the attic room absolutely hanging after a night out, fresh water has never felt further away. You’re three floors up – that’s an awful lot of stairs to climb every time you want a pint of squash, and so most of the time, you don’t bother. In the end, you decide that death by dehydration isn’t the way you want to go, and you purchase a 2-litre bottle to keep in your room. You fill it up downstairs every morning and ration yourself throughout the day before repeating the whole ridiculous cycle day in, day out. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, maybe you’ll even invest in your own kettle and a bulk box of UHT milk pots – that way you get to enjoy a revolting cup of tea in the comfort of your own bedroom. Bliss.

You have a window to another world

Your housemates stuck on the middle floor have the pleasure of waking up every morning to the scummy student street below, adorned with sprawling bin bags and ugly brown front doors. The poor soul at the bottom is even worse off and endures such eyesores up close and personal, with the bonus of being woken by drunk and noisy twenty-year-olds most nights. However, up in the attic room, there’s something quite romantic about having your own skylight and a little slice of blue all to yourself. Listen to the comforting pitter-patter of rain up above, admire the stars as you drift off to sleep, or maybe just enjoy the freedom of never again having to shut the blinds before you strip.

Intoxication + sharp inclines = extreme bodily harm

The magic of alcohol makes the hike to the top floor of your house significantly more bearable, but significantly less safe. In the mad dash to grab all your belongings from your attic room when you’re told that the Uber is only three minutes away at pre-drinks, your swaying self knows that the only option is to scamper up the stairs on all fours, gorilla style. Sure, it’s not the most dignified mode of travel, but at least you make it up in one piece. Now, how to get down?

It’s homely and wholesome

There is something undeniably cosy in the sloping ceilings and countless cubby holes of an attic room. String some fairy lights up and scatter some cushions about the place, and you’ve got your very own snuggly hideaway. Even if you clutter the place up a bit, you never have to compromise on space. Your humble abode is truly the crème de la crème of the house and almost double the size of your housemates’ poxy box bedrooms - something that sneaky peaks at the floor-plan made you well-aware of long before you moved in.

It’s ALWAYS cold

Old Victorian houses and adequate insulation have never gone hand in hand, and you feel the repercussions of this all the more on the top floor. They say warm air rises, but if that’s the case, then it rises straight up past the attic and out through the roof before your bedroom resembles a temperature even mildly toasty. It’s not uncommon to find you perched up there in your bed with a duffel coat on over your dressing gown, your teeth chattering along to the opening credits of the Netflix episode you’re attempting to distract yourself with. You would kick yourself for picking such an ice-box of a room, but then you would risk one of the sixteen blankets you’re trying to warm up under becoming untucked.

Still up for bagsying that attic room on the top floor? Choose wisely - wherever you pick, you're stuck there for the next year.

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