Check out these 5 amazing posts on Campus from the past week⭐️


Hey everyone! 👋🏾  You guys have been putting out some really amazing content the past week and so I had a thought 🤔 💡... Why don't I put five great post from our members for you all to see. Have a look, be inspired and let us know what you think of these posts.

  1. Top 10 Christmas Songs by @Sian Louise
  2. Get into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas stall photo by @Caitlyn Riddiford🌸
  3. If you want to see how this New York cheesecake has become the world’s most expensive cheesecake check out a post by  @SATYAM GUPTA😊🤗😂
  4. Check out this first Instagram post from @Aadil 🏅​. You'll be quite impressed 😍
  5. Finally for you film photography buffs out there, take a look at this piece of art using the stacking method by @Elise Young


If anyone has some interview tips for @Holly Hamilton​ comment below or go to her post by following the link and impart some wisdom to our fellow student 😌