#imacelebrity day 18

eviction spoiler

dennis was having a little  go at Iain because of the fact of him not coming back with any food this might have got kinda repertertive , but I do think the point was brought across. I kinda feel like after this people will begin not liking him and will send him home. Jamie decided to put himself forword and to stop the disagreements the idea of booze also motivated him more hahahah, I feel like a lot of people would be like him. this trail had him sticking his hands in holes with diferent creatures lie toads and lizards to try and find the stars. this dident seem as bad as previous challenged plus there was more to this one s the whole tunnel was crawiling with stars and other things. unfrotunatly he dident get enough for the beers and decied not to tell anyone else which was a good choice to make.  but then did tell them so seems stupid haha. toff and jennie had to dig near red x's for dingo dollars whilst finding loads of other great objects, this looked fun. the prize was for letter from home and toff saying ''whats up keith you minx has just made my night, love her. the letter were won which made me extra happy for this even if the boys don't all deserve them at this time.  ive never heard of silkies so that was something new. Stanley was  eliminated which was a shame and I'm surprised I thought people liked him