London's best organic food shops


Eating organic all the time isn’t essential, but it’s better than contributing to a system that enables harsh pesticides to enter the human food chain. Google ‘organic dirty dozen’ and you’ll find a list of twelve grocery goods that it's recommended you buy organic.

This knowledge isn’t second nature though, and there’s an overwhelming amount of GM products stocked on supermarket shelves. Thankfully, London has always been able to provide fresh produce, whether it’s featured in the likes of Harpers Bazaar or not. Here is a handful of the best.


You might’ve seen their products in supermarkets already, or online if you like a bit of a posh peruse on Ocado. Daylesford Organics not only bake the best bread in their Notting Hill-based cafe but sell the ingredients used in their little shop too, as well as a side order of recipes. They have stores in both Marylebone and Pimlico but came out of Gloucester.

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The pitbull of the organic universe: Wholefoods is Mr Worldwide. The US chain's UK flagship store sits comfortably in the heart of Kensington - the West London postcode populated by those who can conveniently afford the majority of the products on sale there. A hot food counter and delicatessen allows you to load and layer marinated, organic grains into weightless boxes, and pay by the kilo. It’s like school dinners all over again, this time with quinoa.

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Seasons and Blossoms

An adorable independent North London organic greengrocer and whole foods shop, Seasons and Blossoms can be found peaking around the corner at 92 Highbury Park. It’s roughly the size of a cabin, with a modest second floor (it takes two steps to climb up to it) where the cupboard food is stored. The refrigerator aisle is like a Diagon Alley for fitness freaks. Seasons and Blossom's wooden interior is delicate and dainty - you’ll leave with more fruit facts than you came in with.

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As Nature Intended

London's hipster heaven has to have at least one organic shop, right? Right. As you rummage through the quarters of Spitalfields Market, navigate your way to its back alleys and sister roads to find As Nature Intended - a sizeable retailer selling skin care, natural remedies and hosting in-store events, as well as the bog standard raw cocoa bar. It’s a delightful store and perfect for those who fancy a Wholefoods experience without the sensation of entering an entirely different universe, e.g. Planet Organic.

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