Why you should be utilising office hours


To put it simply, office hours are just great. It took me a year of my uni experience to start going to them, and only now, in my last year of uni, am I properly utilising them (in other words, milking them for all they've got). So learn from my mistakes on this one - there are plenty of reasons to make the trek to uni to have a chat with your lecturers.

They know what they're talking about

Ever been totally adrift at sea when working on an assignment? Mhm, and who do you generally talk to about that? Oh, the other people on your course who are just as lost? I assumed so. Lecturers can help you anchor yourself down to an idea for your assignment, and can clear up any little worries along the way. It honestly helped my grades a lot when I started asking questions and keeping a dialogue going with my lecturers - they genuinely have a lot to teach you, so don't miss out!

It forces you to do more work during term-time

If you get yourself into the habit of seeing lecturers during the week, you'll suddenly find that by the end of the term, you'll have more of an idea for that essay you need to get done over break than those who haven't gone in at all. Having scheduled meetings means you need to keep yourself busy working on something to show them, which probably means staying on campus more to do work instead of going home for a nap; you'll increase your productivity immensely.

For example, I have often set up meetings to see one of my Creative Writing lecturers a day in advance; I actually have to write something to bring in to avoid being a nuisance. This meant that I had written 75% of the creative part of my dissertation before Week 9, and right now I'm feeling more relaxed than most other students.

They give good advice

Stressed about Master's degrees, or career path stuff? Don't worry; your lecturers have all been there. It can be really reassuring to ask a lecturer about what they've done in the past, or how they decided what was right for them, as this can you help sort your life out. They've been where you are and have moved on to bigger and better things, so ask them for some advice if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. Remember, your lecturers are more than just banks of information; they're people who truly want to help you grow!

They want you to come in

The number of times I've popped into office hours and lecturers have mentioned they had been getting a bit lonely since no one had come in yet is ridiculous. Lecturers carve these hours out of their days specifically for students, and so, if you aren't going in, they're just sitting there flicking through emails and looking sadly out of the window. Now, if that hasn't guilt-tripped you into considering going in, I don't know what will...

But keep in mind that they will suddenly be very busy towards the end of term, so get in there early for a chance to have a proper chat! Trust me; it will help.

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