How to juggle your end of term deadlines and Christmas events in Newcastle


It’s December. It’s the end of term. Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit! There are work Christmas parties, housemate trips to Hadrian’s Tipi for some mulled wine and then end of term parties with your coursemates. Only, there's one problem: you have two essays due for the same day and have only got two weeks left to do them. What do you do?

Step One: Make a plan of action

With situations like these, you really need to get your priorities straight. Do as much work as you can in the library through the day. The more you do, the more rewarding it will be when you’re out that night. If you’re a Northumbria student the library is right across from the Student’s Union, so if you REALLY need to do MORE work but also REALLY need to get on the sesh, why not pre-drink while you’re still in the library? Read a book, take a five min break to pop over to Habita for a double and come straight back. Some of my best work has been written under those conditions!

Or you could set yourself the very ambitious plan of, "Right, so if I read six books today I can reward myself with two trebles, one jagerbomb and three shots later on tonight. Easy!" (We’ll ignore the fact you definitely won’t read six books but will almost certainly have all that, and more, to drink).

Step Two: Panic

It’s a week to go, and you’re one essay down (phew) but have one left to do all the research and writing for… time to panic. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, load your bag up with pitta and hummus and head to the library. You will not talk to anyone ever again (or at least until you get bored of reading the same thing over and over again and decide to have a twitter break).

Hang on; you’ve got work’s Christmas party tonight! Right. Do your makeup early so that it’s out of the way, make yourself a drink and quickly flick through a book while waiting for your work pals to tell you they’re finally back from the late shift so you can head round to pre-drink in a more social setting.

Step Three: Hand in

Finally, you’re done. You managed to finish both the essays with a couple of hours to spare. Go home and have yourself a nap: you’ve got a BIG night of drinking ahead of you!

(On a serious note, don’t worry about deadlines. We all panic and we all get them done eventually!)

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