#imacelebrity day 19

eviction spoiler

Iain has become my second favorite from toff because I know the real reason he is now in the camp. Stanley going was not good and toff took a toll on this, the three men are picking on poor Iain again, especially amir this time who seems to be making a joke but not really. its nice that ant and dec are standing up for him though. for the first trail it was jennie and Iain with some airport terminal looking set up. there company in each of the boxes with dingo dollars  and having to use their tongue and mouth in order to do it. this did look challenging but at the same time it was a almost calming trail. they smashed it and I was so happy with them that proves those bullies wrong.  the two snakes amir and Jamie were up next for this challenge which also had something to do with plans and flight times, which involved a lot of math, which dennis would have been  a whole lot better at this. on offer was some cupcakes, yum yum yum. dennis was evicted, which I definatly saw coming after everything that had happened and yes its a shame but probably deserved