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Not all English graduates teach: what you can do with your BA.

Students are often faced with the dreaded question: "What are you going to do after you graduate?". When I give them my response as an English student, the most common reaction is, "Oh, so not teaching?" It's most commonly understood that someone studying English must want to be a teacher, editor, publicist, writer or journalist.

In reality, the percentage of students who go on to pursue a career in any one of those professions is a lot smaller than people would expect. English is a subject that provides so many transferable skills that are desirable to many employers from a broad range of industries.

Being able to communicate effectively and deal with large quantities of information is incredibly helpful in a job such as accountancy or business management. You will often find that a percentage of the employee pool at an accountancy firm are English graduates (I know, not numbers instead of letters?!). But once you replace words with calculations and percentages, you will find that the tasks contain an incredibly similar skill set.

English students are trained to spot intricate patterns and themes while researching a particular topic, from which they can form elaborate arguments in every piece of writing they submit. Remove the title of 'English student', and all of sudden these skills might be those of a paralegal, solicitor or even a judge.

The possibilities for an English graduate are endless, the only restriction you could face is additional qualifications and training, something that is easily accessible with a degree.

Be inspired by the idea of being a software engineer, a police officer, counsellor, or anything else! Don’t feel that you're confined to the expectations that come with having an English degree on your CV. Explore each avenue, particularly during your final year of Uni. Use those skills you’ve worked so hard to attain.

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