Would you like one womb or two?

Years ago when I was a preteen at high school, we did a few lessons on human biology. If Tampax didn’t provide leaflets with the female reproductive system etched on to them, I might very well have forgotten what it looked like!
Here it is (as a reminder 😂)


Imagine my surprise

When at 16 I first learnt it was possible to have 2 vaginas 😨 A MRI later and I also learnt it was possible to have 2 of everything. It seems silly now, but it literally never occurred to me that reproductive systems could be different. But they most definitely can!


It’s taken many years for a community of people with Uterus Didelphys to build up - it’s quite rare. I’m learning now that how I discovered my own condition is even rarer. From the experiences I’ve read there seems to be 2 distinct categories: young girls who suffer great pain from their periods as one womb is sealed shut (thereby their womb just collects blood) or women who discover their condition through pregnancy scans/Labour.
I fall into the rarer “other” category. It was discovered when I had an internal exam for police evidence collection. I’m not grateful to have been raped but the circumstances did mean I didn’t have the brain capacity to obsess over being a freak (as my teen self would have no doubt felt). I simply got on with it. To me, it explained some aspects of the rape which the internal exam had otherwise left lacking.
Anyway :) The point was really to talk about our bodies being different and that being okay. I might be a “freak” with 2 wombs/cervix/vaginas but that’s also pretty cool. Did you know for instance, that the empty womb will also start to dilate during labour - tho thankfully it eventually stops.
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