Good morning everyone! So , in this blog i'll be talking about suicide , another very common problem teenagers go through! I hope i dont offend anyone!

Teen years are hard for everyone , we all go through stuff we don't like to talk about because out body changes in seconds , the way we think , the way we act and it's a lot to deal with..whoever thinks going through your teen years is easy , it's really not! It is very stressfull as so many changes occur that you can't catch up on them.

Over the years attempts of suicide have become very common especially on teenagers as they have a hard time ''coping''. Suicide is not a joke and whoever considers it should get help because you can overcome this , you just need the right guidance , even if you think you can't , you are stronger than you think , everyone is!

But to get to the point , you don't just wake up one morning and say to youself <<today im="" going="" to="" attempt="" suicide="">> there has to be something that triggers it , it takes time to consider that and some factors that can lead you there is (depression , bipolar disorder , personality disorders , substance abuse 'alcohol/drugs' or even schizophrenia) although , sometimes the thing that can lead you to suicide is bullying a very serious factor that i'll talk about in another blog.

There are a lot of ways to commit suicide but most commonly it starts from self harm (knife/blade etc) and then suicide happens. Being open about it , and talking to people helps a lot with your emotional state , things can get very overwhelming so with the right help and guidance i truly believe that this can be stopped.Maybe not in all situations because not everyone has the courage or is willing to talk about it because that person might have been through some really rough stuff which is understandable but for anyone reading this , or generally , if you are suicidal , talk about it , it will be okay! Nobody will critisize you , talk to family , friends or even your favourite teacher , together you'll get through this!

Thankyou for reading! I hope you enjoy!

Eleni xox