Gaming Rant: The Division Patch 1.8

Grind! Grind! Grind!


Hi fellow gamers, this is my first of many gaming rants I will be posting on the channel and in this weeks episode, the current state of the Division.

So I've been playing patch 1.8 for awhile now and initial impressions are very positive however the when it comes to obtaining NEW classified gear and exotics, I and many others have come up trumps!

Granted I've only been playing Underground and Dark Zone but I have yet to obtain a full set of Classified Gear, researchers tell me the 'Resistance' game-mode is the best place to obtain Classified Gear with a 30% drop rate where other places such as the DZ, LZ, Underground and Named Bosses is only 5%.

Even going toe to toe with 'Hunters' leaves me classified gear-less and disappointed... This kind of sucks and is driving me away from the game even though I respect all the dedication and hard work 'Red Storm Entertainment' has put into patch and 1.8 and previously 1.7.

No offense to the new 'Resistance' game-mode but I don't fancy running hordes and hordes of enemies, I prefer to play some underground, maybe go kill some bosses in LZ and DZ and that's it so I think the meta for gear should be fairly equal.

I missed the Global Events so now I'm having to pay the piper by grinding the game to death and its getting very very repetitive and knowing I only have a small percentage of obtaining new loot well then whats the point?

I am a solo player also so it makes things even more difficult to obtain 6 piece of anything where groups can share loot they already have with other players.

I know why Massive/Red Storm are doing this, to keep player base but at the same time they are potentially losing players, just look at the current situation with Destiny 2 granted there's more loot and things to do in the Division, I feel they need to cater for the both hardcore and casual players even if I just get one piece of Classified Gear/Exotic Weapon a day, that would be enough to keep me and other players coming back!

What are your thoughts?

If anyone hear plays the Division on Xbox and fancies grinding with me, let me know your gamer-tag in the comments below!