Day 145 - 211217 #xmasshopping

No not last minute shopping. Just the last bits. Callums getting his hair cut so I run to some stores and get his presents before he's done. Plan did not work.... His hair cut probabaly lasted ten minutes because I was paying at the first place and he calls me - where are you?

Presents hidden in my bag we go to Men Kind. I wanna sneak a present... How do we feel about 'Cards Against Humanity?' I think my boyf will love it but... Ffs they are sold out! Haha.

Off to the lanes for some quirky stuff. Bought a 60s pin up print, a funky black goth rabbit key ring thing and some bath products etc for some friends. Also managed to find some fun geeky stores and picked up some lucky dip marvel figures for Callum.

I love present buying!

Lunch was in 'We love falafel' and it was sooo delicious. Definitely recommend!

So later on, in the evening Brighton celebrated the longest day of the year by doing the 'Burning of the Clocks'. There was a parade of lanterns through the city which lead to the beach. On the beach was a huge bonfire. After some music there was a huge firework display. It was pretty cool to be apart of a Brighton event with hundreds of other families watching.
We had whiskey in a flask to keep us warm! After that. I was tired enough to fall asleep! 😂



How cool is the Lego Store Pic N Mix? Hehe
1515163472813.jpg This was our meeting spot 🎄