We all know that after Christmas money is very tight but it doesn't have to be a painful experience every time we go shopping. I have recently discovered a way to make the weekly shop a bit cheaper and easier to deal with.

First of all, one of the best things to do before going to the shops. This is best done after a quick look at your kitchen cupboards and then you can make a list based on what you don't have but know that you need. For me this is usually meat and veg.

Stock up on the basics - by doing this you are saving money throughout the month. By buying boxes of things like pasta or boil in the bag rice as well as sauces and seasoning, you have the main ingredients for most meals as a student. This can also include some things to stick in the freezer which can basically be anything that can be cooked quickly or in the event that you dont have time to get anything else.

REDUCED SECTION - This is one of my favorite places to shop as you can get some really good deals. I have found that the best time to look at the reduced section is around 8-9am (yes, sadly it is rather early) but this way you can get first pick of items like bread, meat and fish as well as pizzas and microwave curries which FYI can also be put into the freezer and saved for later

CLUB CARDS - Most shops nowadays have some sort of dividend scheme going, where you can earn points or money with every shop and they really do make a difference. With Tesco, for every pound you spend you earn points which can be added up and made into vouchers which can be used at the end of each year instead of actually spending money and saves you money in the long run. Other shops like the Co-operative do similar cards but with the Co-op you are able to spend your points whenever you like allowing you to literally make money as you shop :) which can be especially handy if you don't have much money on you.
Both shops mentioned also make monthly magazines dedicated to helping you save money and they give you decent recipes as well (Tesco have coupons in theirs so it is definitely worth looking into if you ask me)

These are just a few of they ways in which I save money while out and about on my weekly shops and throughout the year. I would love to hear any of your money saving tips in the comments.

LINKS Tesco Clubcard - https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/
Co-operative card - https://www.coop.co.uk/membership?_ga=2.136654649.882803084.1515513863-1083877708.1515513863

I hope this helps!
Happy New Year Everyone :D