So as you are applying for uni, if you are looking at Art schools you will be thinking about your art portfolio.

Now, I'm not saying mine was the best but I thought I would share a few tips for your portfolio that I learnt:

  1. White - keep it clinical with white paper backgrounds. This is to give an idea of what it looks like in a gallery space.
  2. Show range - put in examples of all the different mediums you have tried. They don't want you to know what your end goal as an artist is, they want you to experiment throughout your degree so show that you are willing and excited.
  3. 3D and Media - Bring it along and show them, they are artists too so like to see the finished pieces. Also, if you have ideas of how you would display it, they love to hear that kind of thing. Maybe include sketches etc.
  4. Sketchbooks - Be a bit different, they are not going to read the writing so no need to worry about that. But fill in any blank spots with maybe a mood board of inspirational artist work, sketches of ideas or swatches of interesting material. (below picture is just from pinterest as an example)64743
  5. Think outside the box - maybe get a book of your work printed (great if most of it is 3D) or wear it (sew that print onto a tote bag or jumper and wear it to your interview).
  6. Do your research - go to exhibitions and learn the new whos who (e.g. turner prize winners).
  7. Be Yourself - and remember they want you as much as you want them.

Comment any other tips or questions you may have. I'll try my best to help :)