Day 1

Hey all, hope you are doing well. So I've had a lazy Sunday, boyfriend got back from work and he's now snoozing. I thought I'd participate in this new hashtag as I have so many things in my life that make me happy. For starters...


Now family is very important; I have two younger sisters who can get on my nerves but I know they mean well. We've had so many funny memories and bickering. We have nicknames for one another, mine is Doris (haha). I've always tried to be a good big sister, at times I probably have set the wrong example or upset them. But nobody can be perfect. All that matters is that we look out for one another and love one another.

I'd say that I'm also very close with my dad, more so than my mum. Him and I have the same interests; we both love singing and acting. He's always tried to help me with my singing, entering me into competitions and booking singing lessons. I probably tell him more private stuff than I do with my mum. My mum means well but she's quite controversial and traditional; she expects me to be like her. But wouldn't it be boring to follow someone's life? So as much as I listen to her advice, I am my own person and I encourage my siblings to be who they want to be.

That said, I do love both my parents, no matter what happens. My mum did raise me to be respectful and polite, which I will always be.

Remember to cherish your family, they're the ones that were there first!