Hey guys, sorry for the last three days, I have been so busy doing last minute essays and stressing about them. I still have one more to do but meh I can do that tomorrow when it's due.

So allow me to catch you up on the happy moments of last three days...

1.)Despite the stress that comes as part of entering my last five months of university, I have been presented with a few things that have allowed me to perk up a bit. The first of which from Friday was the fact that next week I will be getting back into the wrestling ring. Wrestling is one of those things that makes all my problems just disappear ( Tbh the stress sweats away through the cardio). Training with my mates, running the ropes and learning how to do moves that I have wanted to try since I watched my first wrestling match. It really makes me smile.

2.)Yesterday was the day I faced my Shakespeare essay, I struggled with all the Thous and the Arts but I made it. So yesterday I was looking for anything that would make me happy and I did. My girlfriend and I started having a midnight burping competition. I know its daft (Better out than in, I always say) it put the smile back on my face and made me realise how lucky I am.

3.) Today I discovered something that really made me (And the little nerd inside me) really happy. I dug up a comic I bought in a charity shop for £2., little did I realise that it was an original print from 1982. Knowing that I own a classic piece of Comicbook history has really made me happy today, no matter how nerdy it is!


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