Visiting Universities


I know as fresher you guys have probably already chosen your University, but you could use this knowledge to help guide other students.

Choosing which University to study at is very daunting task and can be very difficult. Looking round or staying at a potential university can help to make the choice easier. It is important to visit and look round the university. This blog is going to list out options that you could consider to help make decisions in choosing your University. The options are:

  • Open Days
  • Private Tours
  • Study weeks

Open Days

Open days are the perfect opportunities to visit your chosen Universities. Open days are fun and interactive days for potential students to find out important information. You can learn about your ideal course from your potential students. You can look round the University on tours at Open days that are provided by the University's students. You can also enquire about accommodation from the accommodation.

You can get to know who your tutors are going to be and who the other university staff are. You can also talk to students who are still attending the University. You can find out about life as a university and living on the University campus.

Private Tours

If you do not like Open days or that you want to look round the University again. Then most University will arrange private tours around the University. You can talk to tutors and students on a one to one basis on a private tour. You can gain more information about student, your course and the University in general.

Private tours also allow you to be able to stay at the area of the University. This could help you get a feel towards what life could be like at the University.

So take a chance and see what happens. Good luck and have fun.

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