11 Relatable F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quotes as Uni Students

Now I don't know about anyone else but ever since 2018 has hit the UK especially; there is already one thing that has made this year absolutely beautiful! FRIENDS Season 1 to 10 were put onto Netflix!! Whoever answered my prayers, thank you so damn much!

Ever since the show has been put on Netflix I haven't actually stopped re-watching them! The TV show has to be one of my top (if not the top) favorite shows EVER! I just love it so damn much!

Soooo, since I believe that I can't be the only one rewatching the show I decided to post 12 relatable quotes from the show that relate to uni life! Hope you enjoy and can relate to these as much as I did!!!

  • When your flat/coursemates ask you a vague question and you jump to the automatic conclusion always on your mind!


  • When your deadlines sneak up and catch you off guard!


  • When you didn't plan to get drunk so you try and get the rest of your friends around you drunk!


  • When your friends show you another method of procrastination!


  • When your friends ask you how you are with multiple deadlines, no money and a rough hangover from the night before.


  • When your coursemates ask for help on an assignment and you are just as clueless!


  • When you have a 9 am lecture


  • When you are finding new excuses to excuse your binge eating.


  • When you have a catch up with your parents


  • Explaining how you feel after a night out


  • When you learn all your deadlines are all at the same time!