Time to get healthier... URGHHHHH


I am going to be honest, I am possibly the most unfit human in the world. I am partially paralysed which basically means that depending on how bad my back is I can either be in agony but able to move or have no movement to my lower body and not feel anything so it can be difficult exercising and I spend a lot of time struggling to walk and get about.

I am determined not to let this get in the way of my weightloss, health and medication so have started on a new fitness plan. I have started some very low intensity workouts, mainly focusing on the top half of my body for the moment but with small low intensity workouts for my lower half in order to make sure I don't neglect my lower body but also weary not to cause any more damage to my back.

I have three years to lose approximately 15 stone and now I am on medication and have surgery for my back planned this is looking more likely but it is still a battle. I used to play a lot of sports and be outgoing but mixing with new people due to my mental health is difficult and my relationship with food is a complex one.

I am determined to try anything so in the summer I will be going beach swimming and during this cold winter I am joining a disabled swim club which is free locally and is brilliant as the water takes the pressure from my back. I have also looked up some dance classes which my partner has agreed to come with me, once I am stronger on my feet, as we need to practice for our wedding anyway.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to exercise without damaging/worsening a spinal chord injury I would really appreciate it. I am hugely determined and ready to give everything and anything a go, and any advice on activities even if they're small activities for arm strength I could do on the edge of my bed on bad days is something for me to try.

Good luck to everyone else on their new years resolutions and thank you for any suggestions.