Why you should be watching wrestling!... in my biased opinion.

When it comes to wrestling I have a bit of a biased opinion. I love it I am currently training to do be a pro wrestler myself, I have all the games and watch every promotion I can when I am not studying. I think everyone should watch it...so here are three reasons why you should start!
The story telling. Despite what it looks like on the surface. Trust me wrestling is so much more complex than it seems. It’s not just big, sweaty men without pants on fighting over a belt. It tell as story, especially when “long term booking” is used. Complex rivalries between almost pantomime like characters are built over time and culminate in amazing clashes on grand stages around the world. Anyone can be the next hero and every story needs a Villain. (A great example of this is Kenny Omega vs Okada) check it out online!
It is a display in ridiculous athleticism. Wrestling has evolved over the last four or five decades, in the best possible way. No longer is it about two muscly, tanned, Uber masculine men growling at each other for 15 minutes. Wrestlers can come in all shapes and sizes and pull of some ridiculous bumps, dives and a load of intense flippy sh*t. If you want examples of this look no further than Ricochet, Will Osprey and Kushida. These guys pull off some anime level stunts!
It’s never been so diverse and accessible. I understand why people don’t watch wrestling, I really do. Many people’s interpretations of wrestling is the kid friendly, colourful product put out by WWE. All merchandise, catchphrases and no substance. Cries of “wrestling is fake” and “why do you watch it, it’s for children” crowd my day to day life. And in many ways those cries are right but trust me I know it’s not real (but trust me I still hurts and those men and women are still taking sooo much punishment to entertain their fans). Yes the WWE is for children/families. It is a gate way into wrestling. If you want more than that you need look no further than the indie scene. NJPW, PWG, Progress, ROH and many more are so accessible online and offer hard hitting, progressive and entertaining wrestling for those who aren’t into the family friendly stuff.
My challenge for you this week is to watch a wrestling match. Watch one and leave a comment on this post of what you thought. If I could recommend a YouTube search for you to check out please look at Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne at NXT takeover Chicago. It’s only 15 mins long but it really hits home my point.

If you want any more recommendations drop me a 121.
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