Things people always say to you when you're a female who "lifts"


I have always been interested in fitness. Most of all, I have always thought of it as a way to nourish your body, not punish it. And because of this, I always find new ways to work out that are FUN, enjoyable, and good for both my body and my mental health. I started as a dancer (which I still am, and compete in Ballroom dancing), and then branched out into home 'callisthenics' style workouts, pole fitness (I even bought my own pole...amazing fun), HIIT training, Pilates, yoga, and finally, weight lifting! I used to go to the gym and do some cardio, then do a few misguided dumbell exercises, with little idea on how to properly do them, and with little knowledge on form, which is key when preventing injuries. But I wanted to build muscle. Over the past year I have read extensively and learnt from others about lifting, and now do it 3-6 times a week at Uni! I normally split up my days into glutes and quads, hamstrings and calves, triceps and chest, biceps and back, and shoulders and core/abs thrown in one day. Despite lifting becoming more mainstream, it's still seen as more of a "guy" thing, but I honestly think any girl into fitness should try it. Here are a few things I hear all the time. . .



" don't get too bulky".

Ugh. This. Annoys. Me. So. Much. Firstly, this statement is usually used by people who have little knowledge on fitness and muscle building, and they think that picking up a weight makes you pile on muscle. Honestly, I wish it was that easy! Muscle building takes a lot of work with correct training and eating as well as recovery. Secondly.... Do not assume I don't want to be "bulky". Girls are perfectly entitled to be whatever body shape they want to aim for.

Oh, I only do cardio. Weights aren't good for burning calories or burn fat.

I have nothing against cardio, if that's your jam, awesome! In my opinion, a mix of resistance training and cardio is the best for all round fitness. But my main reason for hearing why people won't throw in any cardio is because they "only" want to lose fat and weights don't achieve this. A common misconception! Lifting actually makes you burn fat for hours after you've put down the weights and is excellent at burning calories.

" Can you arm wrestle me? "

Haha. It's amazing how often a guy friend will ask me to arm wrestle them the second they hear I lift. This one doesn't particularly bother me (especially if I beat them 😂😉).

"How much do you weigh? "

I am personally not actually bothered by this, but understand why some people might not like the question. I don't think the weight on the scale matters that much especially when you are fit and lift. However, after telling people I have had someone say "wow, you shouldn't weigh that much!", it's pretty ridiculous. When I ask them if they think I look fat, they so no, not at all, you look very physically fit, yet they still have a certain number that they think is "acceptable" for me to weigh. This is why people shouldn't be hung up on the scales, or otherwise known as "the sad step". Remember, muscle is denser than fat.

"Wow, that's awesome! Can you teach me some stuff?"

The best thing a girl can hear. If they also like peanut butter and animals, that's it, I'm sold.... We are best friends!
Any other girls out there get these things said to them if they lift weights?

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