Day 4

Hey hey! So I've just woken up... Oops. I am a very sleepy girl, I woke up today at 10 which is early for me and clocked out as soon as I got back home from my appointment. Anyhoo, this is my 4th post on the latest hashtag. So I don't just love cheese but..


As stated above, I am always sleepy. The latest I've slept in is 6pm and yes, I know it's wasting the day away. But sleep is too good. I'm so lazy and I know I should change my sleeping pattern but I like to be awake at night. However, it keeps my boyfriend up at night and also ruins my health.

But yes, sleep makes me happy. Especially after work or maybe after finishing a drilling essay. The best part about sleep is that I'm all cuddled up with my boyfriend. (When I actually fall asleep in the night). That makes me very happy.

But I hopefully will change my routine but I can't promise anything as my bed is always calling for me.

Do you love sleep as much as I do? Comment below :)