Game Spotlight: Morrowind (The Elder Scrolls Series)

Today we're taking a look at the third installment of the elder scrolls series and why it may be worth another look.

Morrowind is a good choice for gamers seeking expansive and indepth gameplay on cheaper systems. While not as polished in the graphics department as later installments in the series morrowind has the advantage of running smoothly on almost any system (Have tested this myself on an old dual core dell laptop with 2gb of ram and no graphics card and it ran fine).

Combine this with a large open world map, variety of play styles, hundreds of side quests and a considerable modding community and you have a game with hours of replay ability that can be enjoyed anyone especially those in the monetarily challenged department.

No game is without it's drawbacks however and a significant one for morrowind is it's considerable age having first released back in 2002. As a byproduct of this the game is not without it's bugs some of which can be corrected in the absence of official support through the use of mods such as the morrowind community patch (available through the nexus mods website).

Gamers used to todays big budget triple a titles however will find that it is not nearly as polished as they may be used to.


Minimal hardware requirements

Expansive open world gameplay

Freedom to play however you wish

Immersive main quest storyline and lots of side quests to keep you entertained

Wide variety of mods available to customize your gameplay experience


Outdated graphics

Multiple bugs

Lack of official support

Less polished overall experience than later installments


Morrowind offers an immersive open world rpg gameplay experience that is sure to provide hours of entertainment however gamers with higher end machines looking for better graphics or a more polished experience may prefer to take a look at later installments such as oblivion or skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind is available through steam with both expansion packs for £12.99 here: