It’s Not Just the January Blues…

I know I promised another post first but this one I felt was more important.

This time of year, the term January Blues is thrown around in relation to people’s moods after the Christmas and New Year’s buzz, but what about those who face Mental Health Issues daily.

Next Monday is referred to as Blue Monday as it is known as the most depressing day of the year but for someone suffering with Mental Health disorders, everyday can be a battle. This year there have been campaigns to raise awareness that Mental Health is not just a seasonal disorder or a one day feeling but a daily battle that seems like it’s never ending.

The Samaritans are turning the Blue Monday on it’s head and making Brew Monday in order to get people together for a cuppa and a chat but as well as the amazing work The Samaritans do, does it take away from the struggles people face on a daily basis?

BREW Monday


It is important acknowledge that this time of year is difficult for many and with many suffering from ‘January Blues’ it is important that we don’t forget those who have to live with mental health issues long term or indefinitely, whether it is trauma based illnesses such as PTSD or genetic disorders such as Schizophrenia.

Rethink Mental Illness wants people to rethink the Blue Monday idea to raise awareness that people suffer any and every day of the year, and not just on one particular day and have renamed it ‘Bright Blue Monday’.

Bright Blue Monday


As someone with mental health problems, I often find that people use the weather, past events and family times in the year to explain my mood and approach and often belittle the extent that different Mental Health Disorders have on my life, including people even putting psychotic episodes down to ‘the weather putting me down’.

Mental Health Illnesses are hugely misunderstood and campaigns and days such as Blue Monday often cause more confusion as to the difference of feeling sad and having a mental health illness. I require medication, therapy, full time care and have suicidal thoughts 5 out of 7 days a week on a good week, not one day a year and is certainly not based on the fact it’s a bit rainy outside or Christmas is over.


I want to know your opinion, do you think that we should be focussing Mental Health Issues on certain days of the year or should we scrap ‘Blue Monday’ and the term ‘january Blues’ and focus on understanding the long term effects of living with mental health disorders and the struggles of those who face these battles each and every day…

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Should we?