A response to Heaton-Harris' 'Brexit education letter'.

To whom it may concern,

In wake of the letter received across the country by a senior politician, all but demanding the names of those teaching Brexit related courses, something seemed rather off. You see, it seemed as though you were saying that you wanted to gather this information that you might tackle the problem of opposition via academics head on - by taking away our right to debate openly over what has proven perhaps the most controversial move in British politics in the last decade.

Why then the surprise at the outrage? The majority were not going to fall adoringly into your arms and tell you that there wasn't something awfully Orwellian about your request. We are a nation of open minded young people united despite our range of political beliefs and eager to promote positive, justified legislation. Any threat to that is a threat to the freedom of speech that makes Britain's universities (and Britain itself) so vibrant and welcoming culturally. Hence we were not afraid to question your request; anything mildly suspicious directed towards the teachers who encourage us to approach things as we do, with curiosity and courage, is also personal to us as students.

After all, what did you plan to do with that information? Have all of those who opposed your ideas exiled to Siberia? This is not the turn of the C. 20th, this is 2018! Whilst some universities may have provided you willingly with what you requested, the majority recognised straightaway what that letter could have been the beginning of. Unfortunately for you, it has not been successful in quelling us back into place that we might no longer question, but has forced us into a position where our need to quench our thirst for answers turns to further research and further debate.

I urge you to respond to the BBC as they track the controversy you have caused across the universities of the U.K to provide all of us with explanation. Until then, and for as long as we see necessary, this act will continue to be at the forefront of our attention. As stated, anything even remotely sinister aimed at our academic staff is a direct threat to us as students. We have voices louder than yours, for we are a people who recognise freedom for what it is: Ours. We will not go silently into any 'good night' of censorship.

Yours sincerely,

A student still awaiting the promised tuition fee decrease

If you would like to read more about university reactions to the Brexit education letter, you can do so here:





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