My Void

My Life is gone, although my heart still beats. It is void; my memories and soul is haunted of terrifying images. I remember my screams and panic, as well as other; as I’m dragged through my home town. It’s ablaze; crashing down, as our ruler’s soldiers filled the dirt roads. My father and brother are far ahead, too far to hear my brother’s sobs, although I was close enough to my mother wail from behind. I turn to have a splash of dark liquid scarred across my face; as my mother’s heart is pierce and her life is ripped away. Avoiding the raining chaos, I crawl to my mother’s side. Snakes of blood slither in the dry dirt. I sat and cried, as I watch death take her, with the of The Grim Reaper hungrily greeting her. With a shriek of fright, I’m ripped from her lifeless body and forced into a steel carriage cage, then torn from my town. My home. My life. I cry and beg to the devil, that fed on the dead; while I watch it fall and the river of blood slide silently away. Taking the lives and hope of my people, with it.

I, then arrive with my few fellow survivors. A castle of misery, surrounded the innocent people bunched around me. The dark sadness continued to consume me, as I’m pulled from my people into another group; with other’s both before and after following. Although we were forced away from those who stayed, I saw the slaughter of them. Bowing to The Grim Reaper, who again greeted them. I feared the life ahead, as I’m pushed down endless corridors of upon steel cage to the next. The screams, the cries and sobs of those within those death trap's, scratch at my ears; begging for their end. Only mine will show join them, as my next home is opened and I’m tossed inside; with the hot stone floor welcoming me. My next job of long torture awaited. My eyes great fully gave way into a hurtful sleep, with the images of those who were taken from me, by the on who stood outside the iron bars. The Grim Reaper. He was calling for me.

Torture and slavery carried me through the next years. Hope and freedom was nothing, but dreams or forgotten words to some of those left around. I continue that spark of hope in my heart, not daring to let the fire of our ruler's torture win. However I felt the shadow and ghost of The Grim Reaper; that walked beside me. He was still beckoning me to him. I ignore him. I was strong and courageous, defying the saying "Give up" and it seemed the prayers and dreams I carried and dwell were answered. An army, swarmed into our cave of misery and death, lifting us to the skies; giving us the hope of forever and the freedom of the birds that soared. We rose as one, reaching as high as moon, but with the red liquid that spilled from those who fell. Our battle was tiring and unbreakable, with our selfish rulers reign ending. Our victory we brought. Our freedom was won.

Now I stand here, alone upon the lifeless, destroyed land. My home town. My father and brother never returned alive to me. They too were taken. The slavery was done, but my void ran deep. So deep that my life began to fade. I had come here to greet my sorrows, and welcome death. For I could not remain alive with my scars so far. For to eternity I could not carry them. So now I lay in the still blood stained dirt, a fall of tears abandon my eyes, as I watch my last ounce of sight and life drift away. I take the hand of the Grim Reaper, allowing him to guide me to the family I lost years ago. I greeted him as only an old friend, as we were now forever lost in the vast shadows of death.

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