Throwback Thursday: Gameboy Advance

In this week's Throwback Thursday we're taking a look at the iconic gameboy advance.

The Gameboy Advance is a handheld console released by Nintendo in mid 2001 and remains the ninth best selling console of all time, some of us may well remember having one of them growing up (I know I do).

With a full colour screen, 16 bit resolution and up to 15 hours of battery life the Advance was top of the line in it's day offering the convenience of gaming on the go however this came at a relatively high price tag for the time, $99.99 or the equivalent of $123 today.

The Gameboy Advance has a wide selection of games including Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (the best selling games for the advance with around 16 million combined sales), Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy. The console also featured the added advantage of backwards compatibility for it's predecessors such as the gameboy colour.

A later upgraded version known as the Gameboy Advance Sp (Or Special) was released in 2003 at a similar release price to the original and featured amongst other changes the inclusion of a rechargeable battery (The original advance used two AA batteries for power), reduced size and weight and a new "clamshell" style design (Think flip phone style).

Both editions were discontinued in 2010 by Nintendo with the original Gameboy Advance having been on the market for roughly 9 years. Although no longer available to purchase new, used Advances can be picked up on ebay and amazon for under £30 with a bit of looking and games tend to go for relatively low prices (with a few exceptions especially rarer titles).


The Gameboy Advance remains a much loved icon of early to mid 2000s gaming culture and with it's low price and good collection of classic titles the Advance can be enjoyed by anyone and may just be the perfect thing for that early morning bus ride to lectures or a lazy day in bed.