So I am a little late to the party on this one and have been meaning to start posting since Day One but through a mixture of pure laziness and life getting in the way I haven't even started. So I am going to do my first 10 Days of Happiness as one post... Prepare yourselves.

Engagement Ring- My engagement ring means a lot to me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit which is why I don’t wear it but I keep it safe with my locket and whenever I go out, I wear it as a necklace.


Karl Pilkington Books- Not really sure why I am so obsessed with these but I have them all and they make me laugh. I think it’s because of how much I agree with his philosophy on stuff. I like travelling but hate tourist stuff and the stuff he says and ideas he has just match my simple humour.

Monkey Teddy- My little monkey teddy was from my first trip back to Scarborough after 12 years of being away. Chris surprised me with a trip day when we lived in Hull and won me a Monkey teddy and I have had it since and I have it with me to sleep every night.


Chris- Just Duhhhh. If Chris wasn’t in my 25 then he shouldn’t be my fiancé. I won’t go into masses of detail as I have post after post about him but after a year of engagement and now planning our wedding we are stronger than ever. He even got Haribos to remind me how we got engaged. (I have linked our engagement story post here for those who may have missed it before).

Sibling Silver Locket Necklace- I was bought this for my 18th Birthday by my Foster Carers as my old one got damaged and inside it has three of my sibling’s photos inside.




Folders- This may seem like a weird one but I am super organised and panic if things aren’t in place or sorted alphabetically, even my phone contacts have every person with a first and last name etc. I have hundreds of folders, one for bills, one for each module at university, one for household stuff, one for bank, phones, wedding, you name it, I have a folder to put it in.

Floof the Cat- Need I say more about my bundle of joy. She is purry, fluffy and honestly like a moody teenager but I love her to pieces and she is sooo adorable when she sleeps haha.


Fresh Bedding- Nothing is better than my bedding being changed. I change it every week to a full new set and love how fresh and soft it feels and the smell of my favorite fabric softener. I always sleep best the night that bedding has been changed, not sure why but I just love it.

Best Friends Locket- This best friend necklace locket was given to me by my little sister when I last saw her. She spent her pocket money on it (she was only 4 at the time) and gave it to me when we met at the contact centre. I have moved home over 20 times since and this is one of the things that has always gone with me no matter where I’ve gone.


Fluffy Socks- I love fluffy socks, they're warm, cosy, they make me automatically feel better when I am poorly, just everything about them makes me feel great. I have so many pairs of fluffy socks it's ridiculous but I always end up buying more when I have an online shopping spree.

So there we go, I’ve caught up with 10 days of #25DaysOfHappiness.