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This is a personal post and is not a daily or topic post......

1515690773415.jpg My Nan has bought as her own daughter, since I was two years old. My Nan looked after me because my parents were incapable of doing so. There for I owe a lot to my nan. My granddad also helped to bring me up as well.

My means the world to me because she has had a hard life and always has had a smile on her face. My Nan has taught me so much about life and how it can be hard. She has taught me that not everyone is going to like you or even care about you. People will use you and break your heart.

She has also supported through everything. She has rejoiced when i have been happy and she has cried, when I have cried. Nan has also been a trusted friend and companion for me as I have got older.

1515690840221.jpg My Nan has supported me with my education. She has fought for me to have the best education possible. If it was not for my Nan, I would not be doing my degree or having the life that I have now.

My Nan and me have had some good times together as well. We have been to Amsterdam together, London and Portugal with Grandad. We have also had good times at home by having a laugh and a giggle together.

1515690870687.jpg I do not want to know what my life would have been like, if my nan had not adopted me. I would not be doing the things that I am doing now. My Nan has changed my life for the better. She has made me a strong independent woman. I know how to look after myself and how to support myself and that is because of my Nan.

Overall my Nan means the world to me. She has helped to change my life and to make me the person I am today. My Nan has inspired me to work hard, as that is the true way to achieve your dreams in this life.

There for I am so proud to call her my nan.

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