This rusty and broken best friend locket means the world to me. When I left home, I had to leave my little sister behind and see her in a contact centre. When I saw her for the last time we knew our contact was being stopped so before the session she went shopping with the social worker and used her own pocket money (she was only 4 at the time) and bought the pair of necklaces and she gave half to me. I never knew what happened to the other half as my sister isn't here anymore but no matter where I've moved or how many times this has come with me and has always been in my special box.

She may have been young but she was strong willed, protective of her younger brothers and often even of myself. She was funny, kind and had the most beautiful laugh and no life like that should have ever been cut so short. My sister came everywhere with me, we would go out with my friends together and she would chill with us and although she was only a baby, my friends accepted her and she was loved by them and she loved being part of the group.

We went out one day and a boy in my year was bullying my friend and I went to sort it and help my friend. I ended up getting hit by the bully and my sister (just turned 3) walked over to him and shouted at him telling him not to hurt her big sister. Her courage that day inspired me to always face my fears, no matter how big the challenge and to this day, that memory keeps me going.

This necklace locket and a drawing is all I have left from my sister and I cherish it. It may be a cheap claires accessories necklace to some but to me it's priceless and reminds me of the bond and love my sister and I had.