Day 5

Heyo, hope you'll have had a great Thursday. I just went to see Star Wars with my partner and boy was it long. We're celebrating 5 months together today, we're off to a restaurant soon. So I thought I'd write a blog post just before we go.

My boyfriend Mike

He contributes to my daily happiness; we see each other every day (he's staying with me at the moment until he's sorted). We met in France in the summer, I only went there to do my placement but fell in love along the way. He is 6 years older than me and some might think that's too much of an age gap, but really it isn't. I'm 20, nearly 21 and I'd consider that we are both mature adults who really love one another.
He can drive me nuts sometimes, when he's in a huff, especially when he wants a cup of tea. But of course, I drive him insane too. But the little tiffs don't matter, we always laugh together and snuggle up. I feel very safe and loved around him. I recently had someone on here insult my partner which really took a hit on me as he means everything to me. People don't understand how it can hurt someone by commenting negatively on their relationship; just but out and let people be happy. And I am really happy, happier than I've ever been and hopefully Mike is too.
I'd like to say that maybe we'll get married, I can definitely see a future and for me, that's really important.
So have you met your one love or do you believe in that?
Let me know!
Krazy K xo