Day Seventy Four: wHoOoooooo!

University is back in full swing. Had a few interesting days already – I’m going to be in a TV show, I’m gonna be living in a bungalow, a strongly worded email wins the day and I fell off my bike. Go me.

So it started with one of the most exhausting days of my life! I got up at 5:00 (and so did my dad – I’m sorry!) to get a 7:08 train that I had booked thinking that would be a good idea (it’s not). So I got into my room at 10:00, unpacked, cycled off to Morrison’s to get my oat milk. It was a REALLY frosty day and I was still acclimatised to London so I didn’t see the black ice until we were face to face. I remember it so clearly – staring at the guy in front of me to see whether he was walking forwards or backwards when WHOOSH my bike slips and I’m on the ground. Got the shakey shakes but still went shopping – bought about 5kg+ of food that I had lug back on the bike. I push through. I get back, but I’m not satisfied so I walk to Aldi. It. Takes. FOREVER. I am exhausted and ready to give up before I even get to the shop and then I gotta walk back. I ended up cycling 4.6 miles and walking 4.6 miles. Literally all I did that day was travel and carry heavy things around.

So the third day there was a filming of a TV game show (of what I can’t say) with some famous internet people that I didn’t know. It was free so I thought why not? And went to be in the audience. It was TINY audience and they filmed us and made us clap and it was so awkward and we had to act all enthusiastic and laugh at the jokes. The guys were pretty funny and there was one who was hilarious and really stood out and I’m going to be in the advert with him in the audience so that’s cool. It was fun experience and watch out for it, because I’ll be on TV or at least YouTube soon and you can all laugh (or guess which one I am).

And woohoo! My house for second year is confirmed, I’m living with 5 other christian nerds in a bungalow. It looks to be a really great property with a good landlord and really close to campus so it’s a win!! It’s gonna be the fungalow bungalow.

In great financial news: we WON the battle against the hoover so guess who isn't paying damages anymore! Courtesy of a few strongly worded emails and The Truth.

Still all achy from my date with the ground,

Achy Shaky Xx

P.S. It was great to see family again at Christmas was and relaxingly peaceful and I even had FOUR Christmas dinners!!