National Marzipan Day


Marzipan is a sweet moldable treat made from almond meal or paste, and sugar. Honey can also be used, and other ingredients sometimes include rosewater, pistachios, hazelnuts, almond oil or extract, and preservatives. Marzipan is often molded into small fruits or vegetables. Small animal figures of marzipan are made in some countries on New Year's Day; marzipan shaped as pigs are a favorite. Marzipan is also sometimes found in the center of chocolates, in biscuits, and as icing on cakes. Persipan is a similar and less expensive alternative, which uses apricots and peach kernels instead of almonds. During the rest of the year, it’s often found served with chocolate, making it a powerfully decadent treat that’s more than a little loved by its fans.

History of Marzipan Day

The origins of Marzipan aren’t entirely clear, but culinary historians have traced its most likely place of origin as Persia. From there it traveled through the various trade routes to become a staple of European cuisine, most likely having first been brought there by the Turks. During this era the Hanseatic League, a trade confederation of towns rather than people, transported great quantities of it, making it a staple of most of the towns that called the Hanseatic League their own.

Lubeck and Tallinn are particularly proud of their history and tradition of marzipan manufacture, and quality and almond content are taken very seriously. While Persia is the most likely place for it to have found its start, there is also ample evidence that Spain either developed a version of its own, or was the actual starting place of this confectionary treat.

How to Celebrate Marzipan Day

Like most food based holidays, the best way to celebrate Marzipan Day is to just dive right in and indulge yourself in this delightful confection. You can really get into it and buy premade marzipan that hasn’t yet set, and really stretch your creativity by creating all manner of marzipan creations. It’s delicious, and capable of being shaped into any number of fun and interesting shapes, mix in some food coloring and things can get really wild!

Towering cakes have been made, encased in a marzipan wrap. Fake fruits filled with jellies and preserves, or even thin marzipan outer wraps filled with all manner of fruit and creams. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even host a marzipan feast in your home, where everyone comes together to create the most interesting, most intricate, or just plain tastiest marzipan creation of the night! Once it’s all over, you can lie around in your sugar induced coma, and start dreaming of next year’s creation.