New Design, New Content, New JustGeorgeJ

Hello Readers,

As you have probably guessed, I have not written an entry for this blog in quite some time and as usual, I say “it’s been a while since I last wrote”, however this time, I just say, “hello!”. I have a lot to share with you in this entry, so, let us get to it!

First things first;

JustGeorgeJ (The Future of)

Now some of you reading this will have been readers of my blog since it first started back in 2014 and since then, it has been a journey in itself! JustGeorgeJ, as many of you know, started off as a simple platform that allowed me to document my journey through university as I studied my undergraduate degree however it quickly became a platform that allowed me to share my own personal hints; tips; advice; and more to all the students out there (and prospective students) with an aim to provide them with a comfortable place to read about university from a students perspective. Over the past three/four years, this really took off. JustGeorgeJ is featured on several websites and even won a spot in the “Top 33 Students Blogs of 2016” which was fantastic! (Let’s pray it happens again!). Various people have contributed articles and content and there has been a lot of support regarding this student-aimed blog. NONETHElESS, nothing lasts forever and obviously, I can not be a student forever, therefore, change is needed. As much as I would love to continue creating content for students, I can no longer do so in the capacity I was doing so. All the ‘original’ content I created in my First Year has been revisited twice over and a handful of new original content has been created in the latter two years, therefore, going back to old content is no longer an option.


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