Day 6

Hello lovelies! Hope your Friday is going amazing. So today's post is all about pick and mix sweets. I adore these!

Sweeties make me happy

I don't always eat a lot of sweets but my workplace Wilko has a pick n mix aisle and with my 20% discount, it's so tempting. Of course, I don't want diabetes as my grandma has it. But every now and then, it's nice to bring a paper bag home filled with yummy sweeties. I actually got some from the cinema yesterday and oh god, it came to nearly £14! Even the cashier was shocked and asked if I still wanted to pay for them. I thought, 'yeah why not, it's a treat' and I bet my bank account is tutting at me. But oh well, I still have those sweets. My faves are the eggs, cherry sweets, chocolate raisins and snowies. Here's a pic below! Hope it doesn't give you too many cavities.


So do you like pick n mix?

Let me know!

Krazy K xo