The Push

12 January 2018

You need to hear this


On Monday, Carrie Gracie quit the BBC over the gender pay gap row. The former China Editor reportedly earned 50% less than her male coworkers and said to The Guardian: "I was not interested in more money, I was interested in equality."

Photo credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

This will gross you out


Lol at this Jeremy Kyle clip from Wednesday.

Photo credit: ITV

Get some perspective


An awesome 18-year-old drives his adapted Formula 4 car as he trains to be a stunt driver nine months after having both legs amputated.

Photo: @BillyMonger

Binge this


Season 3 of Lovesick is now on Netflix; it's an easy weekend binger. The British comedy follows Dylan, a hopeless romantic and Chlamydia sufferer, in his quest for love.

Photo: Netflix

Get schooled on this


Read this book on the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, how history has affected our most powerful women, and how we need to redefine power structures. Intellectual af.

Photo: Women's Prize for Fiction 2018

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