I'm sure we have all been there, one minute you consider yourselves to be best friends, the next thing you know this person is a stranger and the years have flown by.

I don't wish to disclose names throughout my blog, so I shall refer to this person as N.
N was and still is a lovely girl, I considered her to be my best friend for a year whilst we studied at college. But the obvious happened, our lives drifted apart and so did we. We are still friends on Facebook, so of course over the years we've still been able to see where we are in our present lives.

Over the years I was at college or working, N had found a happy relationship and was blessed with a bundle of joy. Recently we have rekindled our friendship, after around 3 years of not seeing each other. Now I feel honoured to be a part of her and her son's life, I can see how much she has matured and how in love she is.

But why did I not do this sooner? Why wait for 3 years to finally say "yeah we should meet up soon", and actually do it the next day. No false promises, no fake polite response. Just a genuine, "I'm coming over to see you, put the kettle on".

I have wanted to speak to and spend time with N for a long time, and it turns out I should have done it sooner for the both of us. It turns out that she needs me, she needs someone who will be there for her. To help her with her son even if it's just as a distraction, maybe just so she can have a cup of tea in peace for a few minutes. Having someone come over and show her that there are still people that see her as who she is, not just as a woman with a baby.

So that's what I've vowed to do, I love this lady and her son. All I want to do is remind her that she's doing a great job, that she's a good person, and that she's only human.

Moral of the story, if you want to say hello to a long lost friend, then go for it! I wanted to do it for so long but I didn't want to intrude on her life, turns out she very much wanted the intrusion. No regrets people! 🌹