Day 7

Hey hey, this is late I know but been a bit tired today. After a few hours at work this evening, I am now chilling out with some food. So what is today's blessing?

Carrot cake

There are many cakes that make me happy but carrot cake in particular always puts a smile on my face. When life is sour, it's nice to have a little something sweet. It's perfect with a cup of tea at a family event or even when popping into town. Costa does some amazing carrot cake; perfect with a caramel latte! Carrot cake just has this perfect texture, melt in your mouth basically. Man, just writing about this makes me want carrot cake. And guess what, I have some! I'm gonna nom on it and watch some Friends before snoozing. (I normally don't fall asleep until 4am, I know!)
So what is your favourite type of cake?
Let me know!
Krazy K xo