Everything you should bring to uni if you’re a gym-junkie


Packing for uni is never an easy task. Deciding what to take within a short time frame is a challenge for any potential Fresher. But what if you're a gym-junkie?

Protein-shakes over cocktails? Dumbbells over doughnuts? If you love the gym more than you love hearing your lecture has been cancelled, then you’re a gym-junkie.

For all self-confessed gym rats, some things will just be necessities at uni. Read on for your ultimate Freshers’ packing list.

Gym gear

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You can’t really go wrong with some decent gym gear, and if you make sure to amass enough before you leave for uni, then you won’t have to buy any new pieces when you’re financially struggling halfway through term. If you want some cheap stuff, keep an eye on second-hand apps such as Depop and Vinted, as well as any seasonal sales that the shops have.


If you’re addicted to the gym, chances are that you’ll be taking more showers than most. Unfortunately, the showers are usually pretty grim in Halls so make sure that your feet are adequately kitted out and protected from infections by wearing some flip-flops. No-one under any circumstances wants to catch their flatmate’s athlete’s foot.

Peanut butter

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Keeping a large jar of this in your uni room won’t go amiss when the inevitable hunger pangs strike. It’s the perfect high-protein filling snack for gym-rats, and its versatile nature means that it can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you like; spread on toast for breakfast, with chopped apples in the library, or just spooned straight from the jar.

Multiple towels

You may want to save on packing and taking up room in your parents’ car, but one towel simply won’t be enough if you’re planning on hitting the gym every day. You don’t want to be doing laundry frequently especially when you have to pay to use the laundrette in Halls or are sharing a washing machine with five others.


Don’t let your love of the gym stop you from going on a night out with your mates. However, lifting the day after one too many pints never makes for a good session, so sticking to 'healthier' alcoholic beverages is the best way to go. Vodka mixed with some light lemonade or soda is the ideal drink for pre-drinks, and you can add some fresh lime too if you want to get your Vitamin C in.

A diary

Everyone is busy at uni, but if you’re planning on scheduling in multiple gym sessions every week, then you'll be an especially busy bee. A diary or planner is a life-saver when it comes to planning your daily activities. You'll want to prioritise your studies over the gym, so a planner will make it easier to see the gaps in your schedule and when you’re free to lift some weights or run on the treadmill.


Stock up on this while you can at home, especially as it’s pretty expensive. You don’t want smelly kit piling up in your bedroom for days on end. Just make sure that your parents don’t mind you taking several bottles!

Healthy snacks

Treating yourself is important, but equally surviving on a diet of cheesy chips and pizza every day will arguably hinder your progress. Filling your bags to the brim with your favourite tasty healthy (ish) snacks before you head off is a great way of ensuring that you stick to the good stuff. Cereal bars, protein bars, dark chocolate, nuts, hummus, yoghurts and lots of fruit and vegetables, they're all good.

And finally... patience

If you want to gym at uni, then you’ll need to bring plenty of patience with you as it will always be super busy. Even if you decide against the university gym, the one in town won’t be much better. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid peak times, if you can, try and go late morning or early afternoon. And whatever you do, don’t go in the evening... unless you’ve got an impressive amount of patience!

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