Your #FitForABit winners 🏆

Thank you to everyone who ran that extra mile, ate their greens, and took the dreaded library stairs, all in the name of #FitForABit.

Now that it’s over, you can finally put your gym gear down, sneak off to the fridge and scoff that piece of cake you’ve been dreaming about all month…

Here are your winners!

Congratulations to @Chloe Louise​ you’re the winner of a Fitbit Flex 2, Pro Stak Blender Bottle, a healthy nibbles mini snack box and a Campus goody box.

@Kimberly Tomlinson​ you’ve won a Pro Stak Blender Bottlehealthy nibbles mini snack box and a Campus goodby box.

And finally congratulations to @Georgina Youe​ you’ve bagged yourself a healthy nibbles mini snack box that has a variety of yummy treats and a Campus goody box.

Here are your runners-up!

@Francesca Pannullo 👩🏻‍🎓

@Eve Smallman

@Amy Smith

You’ve all shown amazing sportsmanship and for that runners-up will be gifted with a Campus goody box!

A member of staff will contact you shortly for your details and then we’ll be sending out your goodies!

Well done to everyone that participated. We hope you enjoyed reading everyone's posts just as much as we did!