5 ways to make cash in your last summer before uni


The thought of going to uni is exciting - but admittedly a little scary when it comes to money. Of course, we have our friends at Student Loans Company to thank for keeping our heads above water. However, these loans only go so far, especially if you don’t have your parents paying your rent or grandparents showering you with money on a monthly basis, and you may not have the time or energy for a part-time job at uni. That's why working the summer before uni is a great way to ensure that you at least have a little bit in your pocket come September.

Sure, you may want to relax before leaving home, but even a small amount of work here and there will go a long way. Here are some of the best ways to make cash this summer...

Sell your clothes

It’s great to have a huge declutter before uni to save yourself a headache when you have to pack. While you’re at it, you may as well sell some of your old clothes to make some spare cash. Selling clothes online can be surprisingly lucrative, especially if you’re catering to what the market wants. Apps such as Depop, eBay and Mercari are all good places to start and great in their own way. All three use Paypal, so all your transactions are securely protected, although scammers are rife - so do watch out for that. Selling clothes from the comfort of your own home certainly beats working long hours in retail or tossing burgers. Make sure you take good-quality pictures of your clothing and remember that modelled pieces always sell better!

Work abroad

If you love to travel, appreciate a good party and enjoy a sunny climate, then working abroad at a typical party destination may be the summer job that you’ve always wanted! Working abroad can mean hard work and long hours, but you’re bound to have an amazing time and meet so many other young people. There are a huge number of jobs to choose from in places such as Ibiza, Zante and Ayia Napa. These range from bar and restaurant work to ticket selling and dancing. More often than not, experience isn’t essential, and all that’s needed are people skills and a desire to have fun. Check out popular sites such as Summer Takeover and Play away abroad for more information.

Help out neighbours

Arguably, babysitting is one of the best part-time jobs out there. It tends to be incredibly easy (although this does depend on the difficulty level of the child you’re babysitting). You may find yourself taking your neighbour’s children to the park, going to the cinema or simply just accompanying them by watching a film together. You could even get some of that summer reading done while you’re at it. Additionally, offering to walk a neighbour's dog can be even more enjoyable - as long as you don’t mind cleaning up after it.

Work at a festival

Love Calvin Harris but too broke to afford tickets? Then consider working at your favourite music festival. Whether it’s Creamfields or Glastonbury, helping out means that you can still enjoy the event without a ticket. The work is fairly easy too, often compromising of things like stewarding, bar work and litter clearance. You can also simply just volunteer and get paid by getting a free ticket for the event instead. Check out websites like Hotbox events and Festaff for more information. And it’s not just music festivals to consider; most large cities run summer events and festivals and are always on the lookout for paid stewarding or security positions. You can often find advertisements on sites such as Gumtree.

Get paid for advertising

This is difficult to break into, but once you’re in, it can be extremely profitable. Some people - including bloggers and celebrities - get paid for advertising various products on their social media. You just need to have enough traffic on your pages, so if you have a fairly large Instagram, YouTube or blog following, then it’s something worth considering if you don’t mind endorsing certain products. If you’re trying to get into blogging, then this would be a great way to start.

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