Hiya x

I shall do a blog over the last three days....


Tuesday was a pretty quiet day because I spent the day typing up coursework. The coursework is going well. I am starting to move forward with the module as I go along. So Tuesday was a pretty quiet day and not very exciting.


Wednesday was a very busy day because I had a job interview and I had to help my nan with a big shop. I got up and got myself ready for my interview. I then caught the bus to the interview. I got to the place too early. So I went to a small cafe for a cup of tea.

While I was sat waiting for the time to pass for my interview, a lovely couple started talking to me. They complimented me on my interview outfit. They were also very positive and supportive about my degree course. Overall they were also very helpful and caring.

I then went to my interview. I still was a bit early, but the interview overall went well. I will just have to wait and see what happens.....I then caught the bus back to town. Once I arrived back to town, I went to our local supermarket and waited for my nan.

We had lunch in the cafe above the shop. After lunch we went downstairs and did the shopping. The shopping was very long, but it was worth. We bought plenty of food to last for a couple of weeks. We also had to get the shopping up to the flat, which was great fun for me....yay.

After packing away the New shopping I started doing some coursework. I then made myself a hot chocolate and went to bed after a busy day.


Nothing ends a busy day like hot chocolate.


Today has been a relatively productive day. I have started doing some sketches towards the design of the book jackets. I also did some washing up for my nan. I then went to the college for the tutorial. The tutorial went well, but my tutor has given me loads of coursework to do over the half term....Yay....The joys of being a student.


1518125007771.jpg Some quick sketches towards my book jackets.

So overall the last few days has been pretty busy and hectic and boring. Oh well...This is life.
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