Hiya x

I have a surprise sent to me this weekend....


On Friday I got up and did coursework for the morning. Then later on in the afternoon I met up with my boyfriend and went out for lunch. For lunch I had a chicken, bacon and mayo toasties. I also had my usual hot chocolate as I am a hot chocolate addict.


I am and always will be a #HotChocolateAddict


Chicken and bacon mayo toasties...yum

I then went home and got on with more coursework for the rest of the evening. I know my Friday night sounded so exciting.


On Saturday I got up and got dressed for the day. I went and had my first shift working as a volunteer again. It was great fun and it helps to fill in my Saturdays as I spend the week days doing coursework.

Volunteer work is also a good way of getting a job as it shows that you are willing to work even for nothing. You are also getting vital work experience. I would highly recommend working as a volunteer for a charity.

Later that day after I finished work, I stayed over at my boyfriend's house. We had a really romantic night. We had pizza with garlic bread and we watched the first season of Pokemon. Don't we have the best romantic nights in.


Yummy...pizza and garlic bread.


I woke up at my boyfriend's and got ready for my fitness class. My fitness class was great as usual. I then bought my beardy some bugs. Once I got home I had a shower.

After having a shower my nan gave me a parcel. The parcel had my Campus Ambassador Goodie stuff in. Thank you Campus Society for my free stuff. It was so kind of you. I also love the letter that you sent as well. It is so lovely to get thanks for the small things I do for the channel.


My free merchandise courtesy of Campus Society.

I know recently I have not been available as much as I would like to be, but I am still just as committed to the platform as always. I look forward to having great fun with the channel.



So cute pictures of my cat taken on Sunday.


Today has been a relatively quiet day today. I got up and got dressed for the day. I spent the morning doing coursework. I also got some washing done for my nan.

Later this evening I went up to my fitness class. My fitness class was great fun as usual. I came home and had a shower and I am now typing up this blog post.

So overall my weekend has been very quiet, but still fun.

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