Secret February

As I’ve probably said before on this blog (or, if I haven’t, I definitely need to say this more!), I love my friends.

We’re fairly tight knit, having gone through secondary school together and all staying in Liverpool to study (though this wasn’t the case for all of the group I started school with).

That being said, with uni commitments and whatever else life has thrown at us, we haven’t been able to see each other much.

This has meant that Secret Santa, which we planned last year, had been delayed. This obviously got me pretty annoyed/sad, as I love spending time with the people I love most plus the present I had lovingly wrapped sat in my room for much longer that I anticipated.

Not to mention the wrapping paper ripped. (Easily redeemed with a helping of Christmas tree paper).

Anyway, we exchanged our presents this week at the local Kaspas, a dessert place (does anyone else have a Kaspas?), which was lovely.

It was strange though. I exchanged my present with the girl across from me and she handed me one back! Then it seemed as though everyone who had sit closest to each other were their (not so) Secret Santa’s!

I received a tub of Heroes (which, despite having attempted to make my way through a waffle, we opened tonight- chocolate isn’t meant to last long, is it?), a handbag (a lovely flowery one from Accesorise, which is very me and much needed) and a jar filled with (most of) the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies (which is very much me, and will be made and enjoyed whenever I can).

It was lovely how this girl, who didn’t know me originally, had bought me such thoughtful and gorgeous presents. When I got home, I panicked because I thought: What if she didn’t like what I got her?

Then, now that I’ve actually thought about it, it doesn’t matter. I picked things I thought she’d like (pyjamas and nail varnish set) and that’s all it took. If she doesn’t like it, it’s not my fault, it’s just a matter of personal taste.

Rather than let myself think of negatives, I’m going to think about how much I enjoyed spending time with my friends, eating food and just having a good time.

It’s hard sometimes, but my 2018 resolution was to “be happy”. So, I’m going to be just that. Sometimes you can’t just “be happy”, by yourself with thoughts and doubts and anxieties. But I’m trying.

I think what makes me truly happy is times like I had with my friends. I like who I am, a lot more than I used to, and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

I love each one of my friends (even the ones who went to study elsewhere and abandoned the group!) and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

Just so you don’t think this post (or the writer of the post) is a big soppy mess, here are some pictures of the waffles and cake that my friends and I had, plus a picture of my gifts (apologies for the poor picture quality, I literally laid the presents [minus the Hereos] out before I went to bed, so aesthetically pleasing pictures won’t happen!).

Did any of you do Secret Santa? What did you get, what did you give?