If you need extra money, here's where to get hired while you study at Salford


‘Cheap’ nights out keep calling? Student loan not stretching far enough between semesters? We’ve all been there. Once the novelty of financial independence wears off, it doesn’t take long to realise that life costs a bit more than Student Finance England thinks it does.

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of job opportunities for students in Manchester and Salford, which fit around study schedules and give you the chance to make an extra few quid!

Bar work is everywhere in Manchester, and arguably one of the best options for students is the Manchester Arena; being the largest arena in Europe, it has more than enough bars to cater for its 20,000 potential patrons and is always on the lookout for new staff. The best part? The work is flexible; you only take on shifts as and when you can.

Closer to campus, the university’s Students’ Union employs Salford students for its Atmosphere café and bar; keep an eye out at the beginning of the academic year for new job opportunities right on campus.

If bar work isn’t your thing, a whole host of shops in Manchester will offer work that fits around student life; just look at the Arndale’s list of shops and see what suits you! Popular choices include Lush and HMV (but watch out in case they go bust again).

Of course, there’s always Deliveroo – the bike-based delivery service is always looking for new riders, with flexible hours and a definite demand for getting food across Manchester! If you have a smartphone and a bike (motor or otherwise), you have all you need to get going as a delivery cyclist.

If you prefer to work from home and have a flair for writing, there are a lot of websites offering freelance writing work – popular platform Vocal lets writers discuss whatever they feel passionate about, on a pay-per-click basis; this is one of many websites giving students experience and a little cash for words!

You could also get typing work – sounds old-school, but there are a lot of companies that pay for transcription. The work is home-based and flexible; plus, most students already have a very fast words-per-minute rate, so you shouldn’t need much practice.

Still at a loss for ideas? The University of Salford has a branch of Unitemps; an agency focused on getting students into temporary full-or-part-time work in addition to helping develop employment skills and practices. It’s based at the Students’ Union, and you can find more information here. This type of work is brilliant for the holidays when you can temp for several weeks.

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