Day 175 - 19.01.18 #revision

Things I've learnt for next module...

  • Label all your notes with subject, lecture title and number as just the module name is not enough to come back to later on!

  • Make a bibliography of the reading from the beginning. Leaving this til this week took a good few hours. What do I do? Get the reading list and copy and paste reference into a doc. Then copy in the abstract and then write a summary about the paper for revision so one line of results then what it meant etc. It takes a few hours but it feels good to have it all in one spot.

  • Place notes in organised wallets/folders from the beginning. A different colour or pattern for each topic too.

  • Watch Ted Talks when your brain hurts to keep focused on the topic. Also listen to lectures whilst doing other tasks around the house such as washing up or cleaning. Need to get into this habit!!!!!!

Oh boy oh boy these exams need to hurry!

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