Day 178 - 220118 #holidayplanning

Poland trip no. 2 is fast approaching and we still have some of our accommodation to book! Not a massively stressful thing to fix but it takes ages to do!

We are flying to Krakow for a few days to be in a romantic city and to visit a few friends out there
1518629996029.jpg Then we have decided to travel by coach (because it super cheap at about £3) to another town called Zakopane. This is where my friend is getting married and we'll stay for a few more days.
1518630068020.jpg This little town is so close to the border!

Look at these incredible hotels we were choosing from! One was only £34 a night!


1518630169950.jpg Which one would you pick? The pool has got me!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? ✈ 🚲

Click on the link below to get yourself £15 off your next stay with! I always use this site. Have never had any issues!

Let's get traveling!

Let's book it!