Sisters, this might be helpful:

Don't marry a man whose character is incompatible with your own, just because society expects you to be wed by a certain age.

Don't marry a good man of limited means if you are going to denigrate him for his inability to maintain you in the standard that you're accustomed to.

Don't marry a man who is less educated than you if you've got an intellectual superiority complex which makes you incapable of seeing that a good decent man doesn't necessarily need to come with a plethora of degrees in order to be considered intelligent and wise.

Don't marry a man if you have the mentality that you will need to 'change him' after you're married.

Don't marry a man and then use his desire for you, and access to your body, as a means to 'punish him' when you don't get what you want.

Don't marry a man if you're going to then force him to choose between his mother and you, or use your children as a weapon against them in your family feuds.

Don't marry a man who you do not respect enough to not gossip about to your friends, or reveal his private intimate business to others.

Don't marry a man you are not physically attracted to and then compare him to all the men who cross your path in life.

Marriage is a difficult union, the merging of two completely different roads into one common path. It requires patience, respect, loyalty and sacrifice. If you are unable to respect your future partner, if there are fundamental differences in character and temperament that your conscience cannot overcome, then don't oppress him by accepting his hand. Don't let societal pressures that put a use-by date on single women push you into a relationship with someone who deserves much more than what you can offer him.

  • Sara Hassan