Day 186 - 30.1.18 #brightongirl

This morning I'm off to a Brighton Girl Mid week Coffee Catch up. Im really pumped to meet some more girls/ladies who live around town so that feeling is overcoming the nerves of not knowing anyone who is going to be there!

Came home to get some uni bits done and go for a run!

This evening it's another event - 'Cafe Psychologique'

It's at a local venue with a huge space full of chairs, sofas, and any other form of seating. It's like Christmas when the emergency chairs come out for dinner!

Tonights topic was Sex and Taboos. It was lead by a lecturer from a university who started with a brief talk about how our views in sex have changed over the years and what is seen as accepted now but was a criminal offence years ago. The room opened up for discussion and the idea is debate and exploring topics however I think this time round, it's a tough topic to talk about so there wasn't much learned from others. It was sorta pointless. But we will see what happens next month!

1518698470284.jpg Cafe Plenty, New England Road, Brighton