You know, I have suffered in my faith for the past two months becuase Allah placed a hardship in my life. At first it was really hard and then gradually I tried to keep going. You know, I always had faith, though. Whilst my faith may have gone really low sometimes, as I have said before that it fluctuates, it has never been lost, but I guess in mid January I couldn't take it anymore. 😮😞 I felt bad and I tried my best to get close to Allah once again. You know, even the start of February I suffered again, and this was another test but you know, I spoke to my mum on the phone and she said that you need to appreciate what Allah has given you, even if it's a health condition, becuase there are people around the world who don't have food or water and they don't have a home. She asked me to seek tauba (forgiveness/repentance) from Allah and that in sha Allah He will make it easy for you. After a while, I made repentance and I felt content again. A little while later, Allah blessed me with something special. Something that I was crying out for such a long time!!! He brought something back to me to guide me once again to the straight path so I can be guided back to His path. I said that I can't find contentment in my salaah and now I always look forward to it again!! Do you know, there is always a reason, and I guess that Allah knew that what I am asking for will help me get close to Him. I told Him "Ya Allah my medical condition has never brought me closer to you, but there are things that have brought me close to you, bring those back ya Allah to help me once again". And do you know what Allah did, He listened. Allah SWT actually listened to me once again and spoke to me. How did he do this? He gave me what I wanted after I explained to Himm the reasons why I asked that something from Him. Allah believed that this gift and blessing would bring me close to Him and Allah has once again entrusted me with it. I asked Allah to trust me too!!! I told Him "ya Allah, please trust me,I am proving to you that I am capable of looking after your gift and please please let me take care of it!!!!!" Why am I saying this? Don't lose hope in Allah,keep trying!!! What do I say to people!!!

If you try you will achieve, but if you don't try then how do you expect to achieve?

So keep trying guys!!!!! Please for Allah's sake, do it for Him!!! Turn back to Him!!!! He is the most merciful, and the most forgiving! He even boasts to the angels "look at my worshippers, they are asking for forgiveness from me!" When the devil said that he will mislead us, kick him out, throw a punch by fulfilling your salaah and asking Allah for forgiveness!!! Wallahi Allah will forgive you for whatever you may have done: publically/privately, intentionally/unintentionally!

I hope this has helped everyone, and I hope it has helped you too (smile now, Allah is with you too 😊)